ASTRA Control System

The ASTRA Control System provides integrated control of all diffusion and LPCVD furnace system parameters. ASTRA is Ethernet-based using distributed control via a high-powered, tube-level microcomputer and intuitive, process-logical software.

All ASTRA operations are accomplished through graphical and animated, touch screen access. Comprehensive data acquisition, logging and graphing provide real-time assessments for optimum process management.

ASTRA Features



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Micro-Computer Controlled

  • Intel Core2Duo Processor.
  • High capacity hard drive.
  • Flash drive data transfer.
  • Printer module.
  • Microsoft Exel compatible.

High-Resolution Touch Screen Interface

  • Intuitive graphical touch interface
  • Fab-Friendly touch controls, even with gloves

Temperature Control

  • Multiple control loops.
  • Spike TC, profile TC or cascade control.
  • Auto profile or custom PID.
  • Programmable temperature tolerancing.
  • NIST offset program.
  • Data acquisition, logging and graphing.
  • 0.1 ℃ control resolution.

Gas, Fluids & Vacuum Control

  • Multiple MFC control loops.
  • Programmable flow tolerance monitor and alerts.
  • Fault redirects with abort or branch.
  • Interface programming of peripheral components.
  • Comprehensive LPCVD vacuum control monitoring.
  • LPCVD auto leak-test protocol.
  • Hardware and firmware safety interlock.

Loading Control

  • Intelligent motor control.
  • Programmable motion and feedback logic.
  • End-of-travel sensing with next-step function.
  • Over-travel sensing with fault redirects.


  • Universal Compatibility!
  • 120/220/240VAC
  • 50 or 60 Hz
  • Included UPS for loss of power failsafe

Example States & Functions

  • Operation and programming.
  • Navigate.
  • Password management and access rights.
  • Recipe editing.
  • Temperature parameters.
  • Gas/fluid parameters.
  • Vacuum paramters.
  • Loading parameters.
  • Step times and event response editing.
  • Calibrations.
  • Alarm fault redirects.
  • Hardwire relay logic and firmware interlocks.

ASTRA Benefits

  • Precise control of temperature, gas and fluid flow, vacuum and loading parameters for optimum process performance and repeatability.
  • Intuitive programming and operation through graphical touch screen access for easy training and operation.
  • Tube-level microcomputer for high speed and masterful data management, which results in optimized yields and process tracking.
  • Distributed control with full safety interlocks for gas flow, vacuum, temperature and loading, which provide safe, reliable operation.
  • Optimized temperature control with divisible cascading and auto profiling to setup and maintain optimum temperature parameters.
  • User permissions protocols assure only qualified personnel can access programming, recipes and parameters.
  • Comprehensive alerts, alarms, redirects and monitors for all parameters. Provides instant responses, reporting and recording of anything that affects process performance or safety.
  • Full maintenance accessibility with integral trouble- shooting and calibrations. Provides data for maintenance with no additional maintenance computer required.
  • Advanced LPCVD control and monitoring functions for sustained process repeatability.
  • On-screen keyboard for easy data entry.
  • Lot tracking/run history for multiple lots per run. Allows recipe tracking of wafers and wafer lots.
  • Retrofitable to most any furnace brand or model. Modernizes all control attributes at low cost.
  • Optional ASTRA Host System. Provides centralized factory recipe management, downloading, data acquisition and logging for up to 99 tube-levels.